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AAT Management Consulting - Accounting and Human Resource Solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises

What We Can Do For You


   AAT is composed of accountants, auditors, finance, and human resource professionals in the Philippines.   We provide external audit services (independent auditor services) and various regulatory compliance services (SEC, DTI, FDA) in the Philippines.  We are also able to provide outsourced accounting services, internal audit, staffing and recruitment, and other management consulting services.


Our clients come from different industries. Further we tailor our services to support businesses whether your focus is on the domestic market or international market.   We channel our teams’ expertise and experience across a range of disciplines and business sectors to help you achieve your business objectives.

Commitment and Quality

   AAT is totally committed and dedicated to quality.  AAT works effectively with individuals and businesses to successfully identify and address present and future challenges and opportunities.  Our clients have our commitment that our team and staff will demonstrate initiative, anticipate problems, propose solutions and communicate effectively throughout the business relationship

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